Monting Instructions for modules with DBC base

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1 General Information

Part of power modules failed due to improper mounting methods, especially for the modules with

DBC base (e.g. B2, B3, B9, A1, C7 package).

The DBC directly contacts the heat sink for the modules with DBC base when mounted on the heat

sink, because the modules do not have a heat-dissipating copper base plate. The DBC ceramic is a

brittle material, so the wrong installation causes the DBC to be subjected to stress and mechanical

damage, thereby reducing the lifetime of the module. Proper installation can effectively improve the

module's work safety, reliability and longevity.

This mounting instruction is based on the many years of experience of NanJing SilverMicro Electronics.

It mainly introduces the two types of the modules with DBC base installations, hard and soft. This

mounting instruction is also applicable to other series of modules with DBC base.

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